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Kikumaru Eiji
28 August 2006 @ 10:00 am
^_~ I second what Oishi said.

I love life~ <3
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Kikumaru Eiji
30 July 2006 @ 11:53 am
Hee, good party, everyone~ You definitely outdid yourself with some of the things there, Niou. I never thought I'd see the day where there was a jumping castle and a petting zoo in the same area - and at the Seigaku courts, no less. But, it was a lot of fun and I'm glad a lot of people showed up~

Is the kitten treating you well, Kai~dou? She was the sweetest out of the bunch we had at the pet store, and seemed the most playful. I thought you'd love her - Ragdolls seem like a very you-type of cat. ^_~ She seemed to like our apartment for the few days we had her there, so I hope she gets settled in nicely at your house. <3

I wasn't all that great, but at least I didn't get completely creamed in the game Ochibi and I played. It was nice to stretch the tennis muscle after being unused for so long - I'm a bit rusty, but nothing that really affected my play. Not like I really stood a chance against him in the first place, heh. Good game, though, Ochibi~ We should play another one soon and maybe I'll steal some more games from you, next time. >D

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[ooc: For Kaidou's birthday, Eiji, Oishi and Sengoku adopted him a Ragdoll kitten. Isn't she so adorable? :/ I just melted at that picture.]
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Kikumaru Eiji
25 July 2006 @ 01:15 pm
Well~ I had an idea after reading Yukimura-san's entry and I think this'll be a good idea so we can keep track of things and make sure there isn't too much of thing, and rather than having suggestions spread out among everyone's journal, let's keep it in one place, okay? <3

So, comment with what you're planning to bring to the party. I know Yukimura-san is bringing decorations, and Oishi and I are planning to bring some different food dishes. How about everyone else~?

[ooc: Entry viewable to everyone but Kaidou, just to be on the safe side~]
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Kikumaru Eiji
20 July 2006 @ 11:02 pm
Heh, I really haven't posted much lately, have I~? Then again, there's really no point posting if there's not much going on in your life, I guess. Buuuut, I don't want this month to go completely without anything said... wow, has it really been a whole month? Whoooops.

We~ell, Gakkun and I have been doing our acrobatics with the program at the gym~ I was a little rusty, at first, since I really haven't had much time to practice (actually, I've done next to no practing - no wonder I've been feeling out of shape), but I seem to be back on the level I was before. I think the coach was surprised to hear that I haven't had any formal gymnastics training past the beginning of high school, and was impressed to know that Gakkun and I have mixed our love for both acrobatics and tennis, and made it into a unique play style on the court.

I like being able to do something together with Gakkun, too, since we never really had the chance to at school. <3

Luckily, work hasn't been all that bad, either~ Cutting down hours was a good thing for me, I think, though I do kinda feel bad since we had one of our full-time workers go on maternaty leave. Buuuut, as far as I know, they're looking for both part-time and full-time workers, if there's anyone here interested. It's a fun job and the people there are really nice. Anyone in search for a job, right now~? Sen-chan, you should've went there, instead.

Oh, and visiting with my parents the other day after work was nice, too. <3 Mom got all teary-eyed when I walked through the door again, though - I still don't think she's come to terms with me not being around even though it has been... quite a while.

Syui~chirou. :D

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[ooc: Okay, so all Eiji's private cuts from here on in are viewable to Oishi - don't ask me why, this is just how it's going to be. Apparently.]
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Kikumaru Eiji
20 June 2006 @ 08:19 pm
Gakkun~ I was talking to Oishi last night and he mentioned that there's a gymnastics program at the rec center he works at. He's gonna pick me up some information about it, next time he's in, and I was just wondering if you'd be interested in doing it with me. I feel like I'm becoming a bit out a shape since I haven't really been doing much physical activity, lately, but I think it'd be fun. :D Let me know, okay~?

Other than that, there's nothing really going on on my side of things. Feeling a bit stressed lately, and have been working a lot more than usual at the pet store, so I think I'm going to ask to cut back on my hours, a bit. I still really love it, but it's a lot more busier lately (summer's a popular time to get pets, I guess, heh), and since they're thinking about hiring one or two more people, I think that'll be okay. I'm gonna wait to see how the gymnastics are gonna work, and then go talk to my boss afterward~

I think I'm just going to go flop onto the couch, now, and maybe do some baking in a little bit. Good luck to Japan in the World Cup, even if they are playing against Brazil~ <3

[ooc: Sorry about taking forever getting back to the log with you, Ali. I'll be able to send you along a tag once my Japanese exam is finished tomorrow, okie?]
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Kikumaru Eiji
05 June 2006 @ 11:54 pm
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Mm~ There's a new restaurant that just opened a few weeks ago that's about fifteen minutes away from Seigaku by foot, and there's a train stop just a block away - they have both Japanese and western food on the menu. Oishi and I went there last night, and the food was just delicious. <3 It's been a while since I've been to a nice restaurant that has really good food, and the prices there aren't too bad, either. Really, if anyone is looking for a new place to try out some good food, we both recommend it~

My work schedule isn't too bad this week. I have two morning/early afternoon shifts tomorrow and Wednesday, and then a day off on Thursday, as well as a late morning/late afternoon shift on Friday. I want to try and see Akako-nee and 'Toshi sometime this week, so it should work out nicely~ Maybe I'll see if they'd like to come over to the apartment for dinner - would that be okay with you, Oi~shi?

Ah! That reminds me! Kiyoshi-nii's wife is pregnant! He called me earlier this evening, and told me the news~ Hee, I'm so excited for him. He met his wife a few years ago in America, when he went for an exchange, and then they both moved back here afterward - she's a Japanese-born American, and speaks both English and Japanese fluently, just like Kiyoshi. Mom's been waiting for this day, though, for a long time; Kiyoshi's her first son, and if he has a boy, he'll be able to carry on the Kikumaru name~

Oshitari-saaan, Gakkun, we still need to have our movie party! We should think about doing that soon, don't you think~? I bet Oishi'll agree with me, if he reads this. Ooga booga!

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Fu~ji! Hiiiiiii. <3

I think it's time to curl up with my Syuichirou who has already gone off to flop in bed without me~ head off to sleep, now. 'Night, everyone~

[ooc: Private cut is viewable to Oishi (strange, for Eiji), along with the last strike. XD; Now shh, Eijimuse. <3 You just got to write a novel, so you can go to bed, now.]
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Kikumaru Eiji
25 May 2006 @ 09:23 pm
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It's a really good thing I love the animals so much - with this heat? The smell is just blah. :/ Though, we have a few puppies in right now, so I'll sometimes take them outside just to get some fresh air~ They're all really sweet - golden retrievers. <3

Oh! And Fu~ji, when are you gonna show me all the pictures you took? :D

I feel like going somewhere. Let's see if Oishi would like to go out for a night walk~
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Kikumaru Eiji
11 May 2006 @ 09:19 pm
We~ll, I don't have much time to post right now, buuuut I just wanted to come on quickly to say that Oishi and I both wish you a very happy birthday, Kai~dou. You didn't think your senpai could possibly forget, right~? ^_~

Hope you had a good day!
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Kikumaru Eiji
30 April 2006 @ 09:51 am
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It's gorgeous outside today, and I don't have work today~ I think I'm going to go take my racket and head down to the park, or something - don't want to get out of practice now that I can't play tennis on a regular basis. Maybe I'll go visit Akako and 'Toshi first and see if they would like to come to the park with me. I haven't visited them in a while and I bet Neechan would like to get out~

Have a good day, everyone. :D
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Kikumaru Eiji
24 April 2006 @ 04:23 pm
I'm haaaaaaaaaaaappy~

Life is great~ the weather is great, work is great~ Hee. :D
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